WIFI DIY camera accessible remotely

WIFI DIY camera accessible remotely

  • 179/5000
  • Camera remotely accessible via WiFI
  • Full HD quality
  • Night vision
  • Battery life of 8 hours and unlimited on mains
  • Motion detection
  • Integrated microphone
  • Battery included
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Average rating: 4.5/5
camera espion

Full HD remote accessible DIY camera

Excellent mini camera accessible remotely with two important features, night vision and motion detection.

Ideal for your projects to create a custom camera, it can be hidden in objects easily, activate the motion detection option for optimal security.

The recordings are in Full HD quality accessible via a free application, you can also store them on a micro SD memory card.

Use it to secure your home, office or vehicle, and access live via your smartphone in 3G / 4G / WIFI connection.

Camera module accessible via application on your Smartphone

With the night vision option you will have no trouble seeing what is happening even during the night.

If you're busy watching live, start remote recording and grab the content whenever you want.


Full HD camera

Full HD 1920x1080

Notifications with movement detection

Sends notifications in case of movement

Night vision

Night vision improved with 1 Lux of lighting up to 2 meters 


Built-in lithium battery

A lithium battery for up to 8 hours of recording and unlimited if plugged


Data sheet

Autonomy on sector
Unlimited if plugged in
Storage capacity
Up to 128 Go
Motion detection
Video resolution
Night vision

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je recommande
rating 5 5 0.5
Achat vérifié
je recommande 5/5
Bonne caméra
rating 4 5 0.5
Achat vérifié
bonne caméra mais fragile ne pas plier
Ma caméra sur mesure
rating 4.5 5 0.5
Achat vérifié
Parfaite pour fabriquer ma caméra sur mesure, il faut bien protéger la nape qui est assez fragile, personnellement j'ai ajouté du scotch autour.
caméra innovante
rating 5 5 0.5
Achat vérifié
L'image est claire et l'appli fonctionne bien, je l'ai acheté pour surveiller ma résidence secondaire pendant le confinement...