Camera, GPS tracker, and GSM detector

Camera, GPS tracker, and GSM detector

  • Connected camera detector
  • WIFI and Bluetooth detector 
  • GSM device detector 
  • GPS / LBS plotter detector 
  • Magnet detector 
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detecteur camera micro espion

Multifunction detector

You want to protect yourself from all types of espionage here is this multifunction detector which is capable of detecting radiofrequency of 1 MHz) 6,5 Ghz, also of detecting the magnets which are integrated in the mini GPS plotter generally. 

It is a perfect solution to detect connected spy products such as GPS plotter, micro GSM, WIFI or bluetooth camera, walki talki etc ... 

It requires no connection to operate, a built-in 400 mAh battery which will give you sufficient autonomy between 12 hours and 15 hours. 

WIFI and Bluetooth detector (WIFI spy camera)

Ideal for searching for spy cameras thanks to the antenna which allows you to search for the signal from the cameras, also this detector can help you to locate the cameras without WIFI connection thanks to the viewing window with LEDs to facilitate searching and being able to locate the camera. 

GSM device detector / GPS tracker

These electronic devices generate waves because they generally use a technology that relies on the GSM network. Our GPS plotter detector and GSM remote listening device can capture these waves which are configured for FM, VHF and UHF channels, 900/1200/2400. 

Once the detector detects the presence of a radio signal, an audible signal (Beep when you get closer to a GSM or GPS device), with LEDs on the detector which goes up when you get closer to a device. 

Magnet detector 

You can also install the large antenna for and switch to magnet mode, this large antenna will allow you to search for magnets hidden under your car for example or in places that are difficult to access. 



the device autonomy is 12 to 15 hours


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Efficace je recommande ce détecteur
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Wer störende Funksignale, versteckte Kameras oder andere Strahlenquellen (bis hin zu Wanzen) aufspüren möchte, ist mit dem Super-Detektor bestens beraten. Fazit: klein, handlich und gut!
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Très bon outil pour se protéger ce détecteur est efficace et simple à utiliser

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un détecteur d'aimant très efficace, pour le reste des options je ne me suis pas servi.

Très bon détecteur
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Je suis satisfaite, je reçu le produit rapidement, ce détecteur est très sensible et assez efficace.