Mini 4G GPS High Precision Tracker Up to 7 Days

Mini 4G GPS High Precision Tracker Up to 7 Days

  • High Precision 4G GPS Tracker
  • The 4G technology provides better coverage, precision, and speed
  • Free app compatible with iPhone and Android
  • Movement alert
  • Up to 7 days of standby autonomy with 2-5 days of usage depending on your usage
  • Additional magnetic cover included
  • Essential SIM card (not provided)
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Miniature 4G GPS Tracker - Real-Time Tracking, Precision, and Reliability

Discover our miniature 4G GPS tracker, the perfect tool to discreetly monitor your vehicles. With its advanced technology, track your vehicle's movements in real-time directly from your phone.

Equipped with the latest 4G technology, this tracker ensures extended coverage, enhanced precision, and superior speed compared to traditional 2G models.

Protect your vehicle at all times with our alert option in case of suspicious movement. Additionally, activate automatic position sending at regular intervals for continuous tracking.

With its provided magnetic cover, this tracker can be discreetly placed outside the vehicle. Battery life can reach up to 7 days on standby but varies depending on usage.

Download our free app compatible with iPhone and Android devices to access additional features and track your vehicles in real-time from anywhere.

Want to designate a specific geographic area? No problem. Set a zone on the map and receive instant alerts if your vehicle exits it.

Comes with a USB charging cable and a user manual in French available online, our miniature 4G GPS tracker offers a complete and reliable solution for monitoring your assets.

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