Full HD camera module DIY with motion detection

Full HD camera module DIY with motion detection

  • DIY camera 
  • Full HD image quality 
  • Battery included 16 hours of autonomy and unlimited if connected 
  • Motion detection 
  • Integrated microphone 
  • Remote control supplied 
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camera espion

Full HD motion detection camera 

Discover our concealable camera with the motion detection option. 

Perfect for securely recording very high quality videos, simple to use and easy to hide. 

You can hide it in all everyday objects easily, a single click on the remote control allows you to start a video recording or take photos in high quality Full HD. 

Long autonomy up to 16 hours thanks to the battery supplied with or unlimited if plugged into the mains. 

It has a motion detection system that allows recording to be triggered in the event of movement. 

Full HD camera DIY module 

lease charge the battery at least 4 to 5 hours before each use, insert a micro SD card on which you will record your videos, compatible up to 128 GB. 

A supplied remote control allows you to start video recordings or take photos. 

Compatible with PCs and MACs without the need for specific software to play your recordings. 

To read your recordings remove the micro SD card and insert it into your PC / Mac computer or via an adapter for iPhone / iPad and Android. 


Full HD camera 

Full HD 1920x1080

Motion detection

Film when a mouvement is detected option 



Unlimited if connected to the mains and 16 hours on battery


Data sheet

Motion detection

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Idéal pour les bricoleurs
rating 4.5 5 0.5
Achat vérifié

Sympa si vous souhaitez avoir une caméra sur mesure. Assez fragile a utiliser avec délicatesse.

Très bonne qualité d'image
rating 5 5 0.5
Achat vérifié

La qualité d'image est excellente, il faudra prévoir donc une carte micro SD avec une capacité de stockage suffisante, personnellement j'ai pris la 128 Go car j'ai besoin de filmer pendant mon absence...